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What Are The Different Types of Shower Drains?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

One of the many benefits of having a custom shower is your wide selection of options for your shower. For example, having a custom walk in shower allows you to have a large variety of customizable options - including shelving, benches, faucet systems, doors, tile and more! Drains happen to be one of those options that offer a variety of different selections. Although you only have a couple of options when it comes to the type of drain being installed, there are different ways to implement them. So let’s take a look at what you’re able to get as well as what you’re able to get away with!

Point Drain

The first, and most obvious thing, when you start customizing your drain is you want to make sure you do it properly. Our bathroom remodel experts are here to help us do it properly! The first option our bathroom remodelers at Premium Bathrooms Corp recommend is choosing something called a point drain. The reason people in the industry call it a point drain is because all the water drains to one point on the shower pan. This is the most common option, and works by placing the drain in the center and having the shower pan slope evenly from all sides around the drain. One nice option with this arrangement is that you have the option to position it essentially anywhere on the shower pan, but more often than not, this ends up being centered because the shower pan ends up sloping different all throughout the shower in order to maintain a leveled perimeter along the walls. However, once again, this isn’t a requirement as long as you maintain a ¼” high pitch every 12” away from the drain.

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Linear Drain

The next drainage option we have is the linear drain. A linear drain is essentially a long gutter that comes in various lengths to match your shower size & style. The option of having a linear drain is no doubt the preferred way of the experts at Premium Bathrooms Corp when it comes to style because it creates a sense of geometry, evenness, and luxury. This option is also the superior choice when you have large format tiles because the shower pan slopes evenly flat and allows you to set the tile flat on the pan which corresponds to a flat look in your shower. Additionally, there is a continuity level that is evident here because you have the opportunity of installing the same tile you have on your wall on the bathroom floor. For many homes, this is the superior option as having a flat shower introduces a sense level and unity with the rest of the bathroom. When it comes to installation, there are a few different options in terms of where you can position a linear drain - such as the center of the shower pan, which would require the shower pan to slope down into the drain all around. The way you would slope the pan is different from the sloping method of a point drain. Most of the time however you can go with the preformed shower pan option.

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There are many different ways, and types, of installing shower drains, and it all comes down to which option looks best for your bathroom project. Looking to possibly complete a new bathroom remodel, and get your shower drain replaced and looked at? Premium Bathrooms is here for you. As a premier bathroom contractor, we take your considerations and combine them with our expert opinion to help deliver the most beautiful and ergonomic option possible. Our team features interior designers who can help plan the layout, material, and everything else needed for our experts to come in and build perfect. Looking to learn more? Fill out our inquiries submission form today and one of our bath remodelers will reach out!


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