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Are Curbless Showers Good?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

During the past decade, curbless showers have become a big sensation for homeowners looking to complete a bathroom remodel. Why is that? Well, the answer to it is pretty simple, it is convenient, accessible, and luxurious. Curbless showers have been used for accessible showers for quite some time now, and only recently became the preferred method for homeowners because of their convenience and luxurious feel.

But we are not here trying to discuss why homeowners prefer curbless showers over showers with curbs. The question you asked is, “are curbless showers good?” And the short answer is yes; they are amazing! But we won’t be completely biased as to why that is, we’ll also discuss the downside of having a curbless shower.

Debunking the common myth:

One of the most common misconceptions about curbless showers is thinking that the water will overflow and flood your bathroom. Is that possible to happen? Yes. Is it avoidable, now? Yes. When building a custom bathroom especially with a curbless shower, make sure your bathroom contractor is qualified to do the job. It is a delicate process and if done incorrectly, your bathroom floor can certainly leak and in worst case scenario can flood. However, bathroom remodelers that have experience building curbless showers know its building process to avoid catastrophes. That process involves proper subflooring preparation, advanced waterproofing techniques, and expert plumbing. But rest assured, hiring a bathroom contractor that is qualified to perform the task will save you from future water disasters. Perhaps we’ll write a blog on “how to build a curbless shower” soon.

Maintenance is easy:

If you have ever used a traditional shower with a curb for long periods, then you know that when it comes to cleaning, it takes some effort. Going into corners, keeping the water from spraying out of the shower, in short it's an annoying process. With a curbless shower you have the luxury of mopping your bathroom floor simultaneously with your shower floor. And since your main bathroom floor is waterproof outside your shower as well, there are no worries of soaking the floors with water when cleaning. At Premium Bathrooms, our bathroom remodelers install waterproofing outside curbless showers as well. With the cleaning experience a curbless shower brings, you might even look forward to doing your house chores! Also, visit our 'Building A Low Mainetenance Tile Shower' blog for more tips.

The downside of having a curbless shower:

It can be an expensive project. No doubt the curbless option is a beautiful display in your bathroom, but there is a price to pay. Starting from $2,000.00 and going as high as $5,000.00 to add this luxury, you must ask yourself if it is worth the additional cost. Truth is, there are multiple factors to consider when deciding whether it is the best option for you. Those factors include; whether it’s your long-term residence, if it’s being built for the accessibility purpose, the demographics of which you live in, and other factors that may determine whether it is worth the investment or not.

Visit our similar blog on Door-less Showers if you are looking to upgrade your shower without the constant hassle of a door. Contact your local bathroom contractor and ask what will be the additional cost for a curbless shower in your area. Also, feel free to reach out to us or comment on this blog if you have any questions or statements you’d like to make. Your feedback is our strength.

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