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Tips On Building A Low Maintenance Tile Shower

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

A low maintenance, or maintenance free shower, is something most homeowners are looking for today – especially those that have experience living with custom showers. Premium Bathrooms Corp truly understands the frustration in having to deal with poorly maintained showers, and we are here to share our tips and tricks!

Let’s start with a story – as bathroom remodelers, we have replaced countless custom showers. One of our previous clients had called our office requesting for an inspection because their walk-in shower had begun to deteriorate – only a few years after its initial installation. The homeowner began telling us that they didn’t see the point in throwing down a few thousand dollars for such a luxury that would only last them a decade. After a brief inspection, our experts found the cause of the issue – the material selected was inevitably more likely to require more maintenance. The tile they selected – travertine – is a tile that does not withstand constant water flow very well. Travertine is a natural stone and is very porous in nature – meaning it is very susceptible to having water flow through.

Bathroom Remodelers

You see, the tile that is placed inside of a bathroom, specifically the shower, must have a few characteristics to remain low maintenance, and one of those is having a stone that controls the water pass through rate well. Premium Bathrooms Corp recommends ceramic tile or porcelain tile as they both have very low absorption rates.

Next, another common mistake that homeowners make when it comes to designing and building a low maintenance shower is their grout selection. Often times, people only apply pre-sealed grout to their showers, and that can be a big mistake. There are many companies that offer pre-sealed grout on the market, which they claim never needs to be sealed – but that hasn’t been the case in our experience. The experts at Premium Bathrooms Crop have seen great success in a more permanent solution – epoxy grout. This has been the only grout that guarantees waterproofing.

Lastly, another feature to help build a low maintenance shower is to have your bathroom contractor build a doorless walk-in shower. While this option is more expensive, the purpose of eliminating the door and the glass walls would help with avoiding calcium build-up and mildew that eventually collects on top of the hardware and other contributing parts.

All in all, there are many benefits to having a low maintenance shower – but there are also many points to consider in making that possible. Looking to see how you can update your bathroom to minimize the maintenance in it? Give one of our bathroom remodel experts a call for a free estimation! To learn more about industry secrets, tips and tricks for your bathroom, and more about our service – visit out blog and our website today!


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