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When A Custom Vanity Is Needed

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Part of the bathroom remodel process includes the vanity, and there are a few options you can go with depending on your circumstances.

A vanity is a big part of the remodel, and since it takes up a significant area in your bathroom, you should be thorough in your decision. A vanity should complement the rest of the bathroom areas and materials. An example would be your tile selections. The tile you choose for your bathroom project will also depend on the type of vanity you pick and vice versa.

At Premium Bathrooms Corp, we recommend that all of the material selections you make should be done together. It is easier to choose a certain item once you visualize it with the surroundings. This not only applies to vanities, but other materials such as accessories, tile, bathtubs and other items.

Now, getting to the point, let's discuss when a custom-built vanity is needed.

A custom vanity can be a great choice in any circumstances, but when does it make most sense?

Long Term Home

Most bathroom remodeling projects that we do, involve not only custom details but custom built vanities/cabinetry as well.

This is because when a homeowner goes custom all around the bathroom, they aren't looking to budget but rather get exactly what they want for the long term from their bathroom contractor. Customizing your vanity makes more sense when everything else is custom. If you plan on living in your residence for more than 5 years, getting it custom built would be a practical choice.

Odd Dimensions

Another reason, choosing for a custom-built vanity is odd dimensions. What we mean is when your bathroom doesn't fit any other vanity other than a custom built, one with specific dimensions and/or angles. We have encountered bathrooms with door placements right next to vanities that force you to build a vanity with 45-degree angles cut at both edges of the cabinet. However, these circumstances are unusual. Contact your local bathroom contractor or cabinet maker for help on the exact dimensions you need.

Resale Value

Moreover, you'd want to have a custom-built vanity for re-sale value. I know it sounds ironic after we have mentioned that building a custom vanity is a good idea if you plan to live in your residence for more than 5 years. But, we will draw the difference between the two, by mentioning the impact of having a custom-built vanity on value of your property. Some homes require that you have custom vanities because of the demographics you live in. Larger, custom homes require a different standard. If your neighborhood consists of custom-built homes with higher end materials, custom bathrooms and vanities will be required to retain that market value in your neighborhood through qualified bathroom remodelers.

Check out the blog where we talk about updating your home value.

We hope this read has brought value to you. Feel free to leave your feedback as well as share our blog as this will bring value to someone else.


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