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What Is The Best Material For A Bathroom Vanity Top?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Bathroom vanities are a key defining feature of every bathroom. Often times, bathroom vanities are one of the first things that homeowners want to replace in their custom bathroom as it truly defines the character and mood of every bathroom. With that said, homeowners often have difficulty choosing between a luxury option that’s cost friendly, as well as something that is maintenance free. There are many options with different considerations – so, what is the best material for your bathroom vanity top?

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Laminate is your first, and most basic option. Laminate surfaces are made of multiple layers of plastic on top of particle boards, and often times hold very well for their price. It offers a large selection of styles, including replicated natural stone. Additionally, laminate is waterproof – however, once it damaged, it is nearly impossible to repair. However, the largest and most notable reason for choosing laminate is because of how affordable it is. Laminate is your cheapest custom bathroom vanity top, and for that reason, many homeowners select this option when on a budget.


The second option we have is granite. Granite offers a level of luxury, quality, and elegance to your custom bathroom. The natural slabs come with unique designs that adds to their uniqueness and custom appeal. Another added benefit is that granite is essentially heat resistant, and extremely durable. However, its beauty and durability doesn’t come without a downside – it is not only extremely expensive, it also requires a great amount of maintenance to maintain its beauty. Failing to keep up on regular maintenance on granite can result in a faded look of the granite overtime, and an overall loss of appeal.


The next option available to homeowners for a custom appeal in their custom bathroom remodel via bathroom vanity top replacement is quartz. Quartz is a personal favorite of Premium Bathrooms Corp for a number of reasons. First, unlike granite, quartz requires absolutely no maintenance while still looking absolutely elegant. Quartz is also stain resistant, and more durable than natural stone due to its composition. Quartz is composed of compacted material, which includes 90% ground quartz and 10% polymers, pigments, and other materials. The polymers in the material keep it strongly bonded together – but there is a catch. Due to the expense associated with manufacturing this superior bathroom vanity top, it is extremely expensive – even more expensive than granite. For this reason, it is often times ignored by homeowners in their remodeling ventures.


For our forth option, we have marble, the most luxurious option of all custom bathroom vanity tops. It's no secret that marble is extremely sought out for, but most people don’t know why. The reason marble is so expensive is actually because of its imperfections. Every vein in a marble slab is different, which makes it so valuable. You can notice that the colors often accentuate certain parts of a marble slab, such as; red veining, black, grey, gold, red and other hues. However, similar to granite, marble requires a great amount of maintenance due to its porous nature. The pores, if not properly sealed, can encourage standing liquid to seep inside and damage it from inside. Additionally, marble is very fragile – so fragile in fact, that if you drop a heavy object directly onto marble, it can result in a crack. But here’s the catch – depending on which marble counter-top you wanted, they can be more affordable than your other options. It’s definitely an option to consider for an affordable luxury look!


Our final option for a custom bathroom vanity top is Corian, commonly known as solid surface. Corian is composed of all man made material such as epoxy, acrylic, polyester resins and pigments. Corian can sometimes be made with Quartz, but the catch is that Corian is more affordable. In relative pricing, Corian is approximately the same price as granite. This is a perfect option for homeowners who want to step up from laminate, but don’t want to pay the price of quartz.

All in all, there is a large variety of different options for your custom bathroom vanity tops. Each option has its unique benefit, as well as downside. However, one important aspect to consider with your vanity replacement is that installation can be just as important as material. If your vanity top isn’t installed properly, this can encourage leaks, cracks, un-level tops, and many other headaches. If you're looking for a quality remodel from qualified bathroom remodel experts, Premium Bathrooms Corp is here for you. As your custom Twin Cities bathroom remodeler, our experts have remodeled countless bathrooms and deliver satisfaction in every package. Looking to learn more? Submit an inquiries submission form and one of our bathroom design and bathroom remodel experts will reach out.


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