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The History Of Subway Tile

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Custom Bathroom Remodeling

With many different tile options available to consumers today, one of the most popular options is the subway tile. This style of tile originated over 100 years ago when George C. Heins and Christopher Grant La Farge came up with the idea. The design was created to be used in the New York subway stations, and was clever fully named subway tile. Utilizing a vivid and glossy while color tile, and clashing with the dark grout, the 3x6” dimensions were implemented. Utilizing the glossy textured tile ensured an easier cleaning option, and the designers specifically sought that feature out from ceramic producing firms. Today – the design has transferred over to homes across the world.

Subway tile didn’t stop in the subway stations, but continues to be widely used in the tile installation and bathroom remodeling industry. The design in subway tile is commonly used in kitchen backsplashes as it matches a large variety of different themes. It’s also commonly used in showers as it delivers a timeless look to your bathroom – ensuring your bathroom doesn’t age with time.

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