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So Many Tile Options - Which Should I Choose?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Have you ever considered what tile you should install in your shower? There are many factors that contribute to both a beautiful and economic shower in your bathroom remodel project. Often times, homeowners will make the wrong decision when it comes to deciding what type of tile to get installed – so, how do plan efficiently?

Installing tile comes with a large amount of design and preparation, along with many considerations. One such consideration is the absorption rate, or the rate at which water is absorbed into the material it is contacting. When it comes to tile installation for very high traffic wet areas, such as showers, saunas, or even entryways, it is important to consider what is happening underneath the tile. Tile installation experts recommend tile that is more dense and absorbs less water – which is called impervious tile. This type of tile is often known as porcelain and homogenous tile. It is known for its extremely low absorption rate of .5 percent absorption, whereas it’s competitor, ceramic tile, has an approximate absorption rate of 3 to 6 percent. Check with your bathroom remodeler that you have the desired absorption rate in the tile they will be installing.

Another option to consider is natural stone installation. While the absorption rate in natural stone is high, it also is generally more expensive and requires more maintenance. Bathroom remodelers have also found that marble and granite vary in their absorption rates! Either way, with natural stone, it is recommended by our bath remodelers that the sealant be applied multiple times per year, depending on the amount of traffic.

All in all, there are many considerations when it comes to installing tile or stone for your home. The tile you choose can also affect the size and brightness of your bathroom, Ryan Castillo from Redfin talks about it in their blog here.

Looking to expand your home projects, and improve your efficiency, look, and appeal? Give Premium Bathrooms Corp a call or visit our website for a free consultation about your bathroom remodel today!


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