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Tile Floor vs Vinyl Planks In Bathroom. Pro's and Cons

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Deciding between installing vinyl or tile can be a tough choice. Homeowners often consider which level would benefit from which flooring type, with considerations of temperature, look, and general appeal? But what about in a custom remodeled bathroom? What design looks and feels the best – but is also practical in a bathroom setting? Being a bathroom contractor we have curated a list of pros and cons to both of the options, but before we get into that – lets get some basic considerations out of the way:

Where are you considering laying the flooring?

The location of the flooring, and the decisions made in regards to that are crucial. Having tile in areas such as your entry way, kitchen, master bathroom, or even guest bathroom can be extremely beneficial – while having vinyl other areas of your home might be beneficial.

What is your budget?

Now before you jump to conclusions, the reason we bring this up is because people often decide to buy whatever is cheaper today – not considering the home value investment for the future. Depending on where, and how much flooring you want to put down, one option may be better than the other because you’ll invest into your home re-sell value – so consider your options wisely.

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Balancing these two questions is very important because it might just give you a better investment option for the future. Money isn’t everything when it comes to remodeling your home, but certainly does play a big factor. With that, lets get into the differences between tile and vinyl!

Pro's & Con's of Tile Flooring


1. Tile is much sturdier than vinyl.

2. Tile is stain resistant.

3. Tile is harder to scratch than vinyl.

4. Tile is very low maintenance.


1. Tile cracks – not dents.

2. Not all tile types are waterproof.

3. Tile gets much colder much quicker than vinyl.

4. Grout lines connecting tile is much more visible than seamless vinyl.

5. Tile is more expensive than vinyl.

Pro's & Con's of Vinyl Flooring


1. Vinyl is water resistant – and stain resistant as well.

2. Vinyl is can be durable, depending on the kind you buy.

3. You can add insulation below vinyl, allowing you to control floor temperature.

4. Vinyl has many different styles.

5. Vinyl dents – not cracks.

6. Vinyl is cheaper than tile.


1. Vinyl is easier to scratch than tile.

2. Vinyl is not easily repaired.

All in all – both options make sense, have their pro’s, and have their cons. If you are in a high moisture zone, such as a bathroom, tile might make more sense than vinyl – versus if your in your basement and it gets chilly quick, vinyl might make the better option. Both have their own visual appeals and remodeling benefits, but also have their own negatives. Are you looking to remodel your home, such as your custom bathroom, and are curious what your best options might be? Reach out to our bathroom remodelers at Premium Bathrooms Corp and we can come out for a free consultation, and be able to offer our industry leading experience. To learn more, please visit our website and check out our blogs for industry tips, tricks, and secrets!


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